Student Spotlight Feature: Allison Perlman

“I got involved with Colleges Against Cancer [CAC] my freshman year when I was asked to join the team recruitment committee for Relay for Life. CAC is a nationwide organization of college students dedicated to raising money and awareness as well as ending the fight against cancer with the help of the American Cancer Society [ACS]. Through CAC as the event co-chair, I help put on the Relay for Life event which is a 12 hour walk to raise money for the ACS. The work we do with CAC and the ACS is very important to me because everyone I know has been affected by cancer in some way or another and I hope that one day we can change that. Every dollar we raise is one step closer to finding the cure for cancer and helping those currently affected by the horrible disease. I love working with my committee because they are so dedicated to the organization and putting on a successful event which proves to me they care just as much as I do.”

Allison Perlman is a Business Administration major with a dual concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, graduating May 2016. She is also the Vice President of Tap That (tap dance club). Allison has learned a lot from her time as co-chair of such an important event and has high hopes for the future success of Relay for life.

“I think everyone hopes that one day the ACS will find the cure and end the fight against cancer, but I also hope that our CAC chapter on campus continues to grow and that each year Relay for Life becomes more successful than the last, so we can truly make a difference. As co-event chair, I have really learned to become more organized and how to prioritize my time better. It is hard work to have a committee of 60 or so students who rely on you, but I am so happy that I decided to take this step because I have learned what it is like to be a leader and how amazing it feels to when you run the biggest fundraiser on campus. I think the most rewarding moment is when the Relay event finally comes together and we get to see our hard work put into action. We spend all year planning the event and I think it is incredibly rewarding to see everyone having a good time and raising both money and awareness for the ACS. Relay for Life is April 29th from 5pm-5am in the Events Center. Sign up or donate at relayforlife.org/binghamtonuniversityny I hope to see you all there!”

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