Student Spotlight Feature: Mike Mihalko

“I joined the Binghamton Rescue Team after learning about the plight of the North Korean people which was being investigated by the United Nations. Thousands of North Koreans have fled to China to escape poverty and starvation. Unfortunately, they are considered economic migrants and forcibly returned to North Korea to endure torture, rape and concentration camps for treason. Many hide in China but are still highly at risk of exploitation such as forced labor and sexual abuse. We at Binghamton raise funds to pay for these refugees to escape China safely and enter South Korea. The most rewarding moments have come from meeting the North Koreans we invited to campus. They were so thankful for all of our efforts and could hardly believe that people thousands of miles away cared so much about the North Korean people and their country that they were willing to help them.”
Alumnus Mike Mihalko ’15, former Co-President of LiNK, has had countless rewarding moments while working with LiNK. He realizes the importance of his efforts both locally and globally.
“At the micro level, we are changing lives one at a time and giving North Koreans a fresh start at a new life with the opportunities and freedoms they never had. Privileges we often take for granted. At the macro level, we are changing a country, changing history and changing the world; making it a better place for all and that’s important to me. I hope the Binghamton Rescue Team will continue to grow and reach more students on campus. Last semester, we raised enough funds to finance a refugee rescue mission. That’s a big deal and I hope they keep that momentum going and continue to move forward for the North Korean people. I know they can do it!”
Mike is currently focused on growing Get-SocialNY, a social media marketing and consulting start up he began two years ago. He has high hopes for the future of LiNK at Binghamton and left it in capable hands with the current President, Sungwon Kim ’17.

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