CCE to Host the 4th Annual Showcase of Community Opportunities

On October 3rd, the Center for Civic Engagement will be holding it's 4th Showcase of Community Opportunities in the Mandela Room from 12 to 4. This beginning-of-the-semester tradition has had modest beginnings, but thanks to the CCE, has become the full blown community organization Showcase that it is today.

"The University used to hold a Volunteer Fair on campus," said Assistant Director Christie Zwahlen, "However, [CCE Director] Dr. Alden felt that this idea could be broadened to include faculty members who would like to showcase their work, on-campus programs doing community-based projects, student organizations that want to share information about their service experiences, etc."

Showcase of Community Opportunities, 2012
Over 75 unique organizations are scheduled to participate in this year's Showcase, giving students and faculty plenty of opportunities to make connections and bring change. The growth of the event through the years has been a constant for the Center for Civic Engagement and the Center has certainly welcomed the enthusiasm surrounding the Showcase with open arms.

According to Mrs. Zwahlen, "Each year (with the exception of 2011, when the flood hit), the Showcase has grown in size, with more organizations showcasing their work and more students attending the event."

The CCE has even higher expectations for this year's upcoming Showcase, ultimately wishing to encourage greater student civic engagement on and off campus. 

"This year, we hope to welcome even more students than in years past and that connections made between campus and community organizations can develop into strong partnerships that effect change locally."

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