Star Award Saturdays: Laura Reindl

Every week at our staff meeting we give out a Star Award for going above and beyond! This week the Star Award went to Laura Reindl for all her excellent work with advertising, marketing, and communications! With a background in private sector marketing and communications, she works to promote the CCE's goals of developing active and engaged citizens through the use of social media, electronic newsletters, web development and print materials targeting students, faculty, staff and community members. She is a graduate of Gettysburg College with a bachelor's degree in English.

"As the CCE's Assistant Director for Communications, one of my primary jobs is to share stories about the wonderful work our students do in the community. From fraternities volunteering at a community meal to students getting involved in local politics to student groups seeking to make an impact on a social issue they believe in, Binghamton University students are exceptional. That's what I love about working in the CCE--we get to help students realize the potential they have to do great things when becoming engaged with their community." #CCEAllStars #StarAwardSaturdays

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