5 Reasons to Volunteer this Summer

It gets you out of the house.

At school, you’re an independent adult out on your own—no parents looking over your shoulder, no siblings getting into your stuff. Transitioning back to the “child” role is stressful for everyone. So give yourself—and your family—a break and get out of the house for a few hours a week. Mom and Dad will be happy to hear you’re volunteering, and you’ll be happy to have some time to yourself!

It doesn’t have to be a soup kitchen. 

Soup kitchens and community meal programs are worthy recipients of your volunteer hours, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, too. Help a local Mom & Pop Shop improve their web presence; lead a craft or outdoor activity at a kids’ day camp; volunteer for a political campaign. The opportunities are endless, so get creative!

Beef up your resume.

So maybe you didn’t get the dream internship you were hoping for. You can still get valuable career experience through volunteering. Most small businesses or non-profit organizations will gladly accept free help, especially if it’s clear that you are passionate about what you’re doing and eager to contribute. And what better way to show future potential employers that you are proactive and a creative thinker?

Meet some new people.

Your friends from Bing aren’t around, and maybe your high school friends are busy with jobs and internships or you just haven’t kept in touch since graduation. Volunteering exposes you to new social circles, and often leads to strong friendships with likeminded people.

It’s good for you.

If the Yak game in your town is lame, your friends aren’t replying to your snaps, and you’re out of swipes on Tinder, then maybe it’s time to take a look around your community and find some ways to get involved. It’s been proven time and again that when people invest their own time, effort and resources into their community, the community blossoms, and so do all of those who live there.

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