October 2014 CCE Round-Up

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Melina Martin Awarded by The Association of Council and College Trustees

Melina Martin, Class of 2017
Melina Martin, a junior double major in biology and English at Binghamton University, was recently awarded the ACT for Excellence and Student Initiative Scholarship Award. The Association of Council Members and College Trustees of the State University of New York awards an annual $1,000 scholarship to a SUNY student “for excellence in their academic performance and service to their campus and/or community.” The undergraduate student must have played a role identifying and/or supporting specific needs on campus or in the community and have worked to provide a service or solution to address that need. In addition to the scholarship, a $250 donation is made to the charity of their choice.

In conjunction with the Binghamton University Center for Civic Engagement and Department of Residential Life, Martin organized the inaugural campus-wide Room Clean-Out Resource Collection Drive in the Spring 2014 semester, with the goal of reducing landfill waste and helping area residents in need of resources by asking students to donate usable clothing, bedding, toiletries, books, furniture, decorations, and certain electronics when cleaning out their dorm rooms at the end of the semester. Donations of household items were given to local charities including the Rescue Mission, and Salvation Army, while electronics were recycled by Geodis (a company specializing in safely recycling electronic and electric items). Some of the donated computer equipment was also refurbished and loaned out to community residents through Binghamton University’s Bridging the Digital Divide Program. In all, the Salvation Army received well over 6,440 pounds of donations while the Rescue Mission received about 8,000 pounds.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi Volunteers in the Nature Preserve

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi spent October 5th removing invasive plants from the nature preserve. Led by Dylan Horvath, Steward of Natural Areas and teacher of a class about the nature preserve on campus, members of the sorority removed Japanese Stiltgrass that was ruining the soil in the nature preserve. This event was organized by SAEPi’s Community Service chair Anna Brooks. “Community service is important because not only does it give back to you, but it gives back to those around you,” says Brooks. “The Nature Preserve is a unique part of the Binghamton community and it's important to take care of it so it stays beautiful and healthy.” Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi participates in different community service events throughout the year and also puts on philanthropy events every semester. Learn more about Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi.

Chabad at Binghamton Remembers Victims of 9/11

Pictures and notes were hung up in memory
of those that were lost on September 11th.
The Chabad center for Jewish Student Life on Campus hosted their annual “Mitzvah Marathon,” a marathon of good deeds, on September 11th. Every year Chabad does this in memory of the 9/11 victims. Set up on the spine were various booths that allowed students to perform a good deed. Students made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to be donated to the homeless, wrote cards to American soldiers, donated food to CHOW, and give spare change to various organizations. A blood drive was also held in honor of the event. “With the passage of time from September 11, 2001, it is increasingly important that we raise awareness concerning this national tragedy. Many of our incoming students were young children then; this kind of program and others like it give them pause to consider the event from an adult vantage point. The program is designed to turn tears into action; to give participants a practical way in which they can mark the memory of those that perished,” said Rivkah Slonim, Education director at the Chabad Center. The Chabad Center at Binghamton University offers students community and plenty of opportunities to become involved in Jewish life on campus. Learn more about Chabad Center at Binghamton.

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