Service Sightings Winners

Congratulations to our winners this week!

This is a photo of Lisa Trejo teaching kids in Costa Rica how to speak English. We traveled to a farm called El-Yue in Costa Rica to help maintain the farm and teach te local kids for our club Global Education Investment.
-- Submitted by: Stefanie Stamatiades, Freshman, Nurning Major

This is a picture of two members of Asian Outlook cleaning up at Project P.A.W. volunteer-run cat shelter in Binghamton. The cats are so starved for attention that they were jumping on and climbing over all of our volunteers, vying for attention.
-- Submitted by: Asian Outlook

            "Service Sightings" is a weekly photo competition put on by the CCE. Submit a photo of you, your friends, or your student group engaged in the act of community service to win! Enter by posting your photo onto the CCE Facebook wall with a short caption explaining your photo, your name, e-mail, year and major. There will be two winners every week, and the winning photos will be promoted both on- and offline.

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